Address: 46 Freesia Road, Murdock Valley South, Simon’s Town.


Coming from Cape Town International Airport,
take the N2 towards Cape Town
and then take the M3 south to the end.

Coming from Cape Town take the M3 south to the end.

At the end of the M3 turn left into Steenberg Road.
When you reach Main Rd, turn right.
Pass Chenel Way & Orchard Ave on your right.
Take the next right into Boyes Drive.
The speed limit is 60km / hour.
Look out for the fixed yellow speed trap
at the bottom of a steep dip.
Follow Boyes Drive to the end (Enjoy the View).
Turn right and follow the coast road (Main Road),
all the way through Fish Hoek.
Relax, be alert, enjoy the chaotic pedestrians in Fish Hoek.
At the Fish Hoek circle, follow the coast road left to Glencairn.
Pass Glencairn, arrive in Simon’s Town.
Drive through Simon’s Town.
Pass the Seven Penguins convenience store on your left.
Pass Boulder’s Beach. Pass the Golf Course.
Just after the Golf Course,
pass the white painted cement sign on your left
saying “Murdock Valley North”.
Pass Ixia Way on your right.
Just after Ixia Way, see a white painted cement sign on your left
saying “Murdock Valley South”.
At this point Rocklands Road is on your Right.
Turn into Rocklands Road.
The second Right is Freesia Road.
Turn into Freesia and follow it to the second road left,
which is Afrikander Road.
Afrikander Road joins Freesia at an angle.
We are in the the bend of Freesia/Afrikander.
The entrance is around the back of the house, in Afrikander Road.

Park on the gravel and cross the little wooden bridge to the front door.